How it works

Are you game?

Applicants will need to submit a video pitch to  The video will need to cover two things: The concept of the app and the design.  To add a bit of a fun spin to it, we're looking for apps for Android devices only that are games or employ some form of gamification. Think of all the popular mobile games you've seen: trivia, simulation, puzzles, strategy, badges, trophies, anything that will inspire you. In your video pitch, feel free to get creative in how you present your idea.  Write a song, do a dance, you can even do stop-motion if you want.

App categories

Contestants can pick from one of the following themes. We are looking for an app that is a game or employes some form of gamification that:
  • Helps users understand how to access care at home in the Central West region of Ontario
  • Helps educate users about how the Emergency Department works in the Central West region of Ontario
  • Helps educate users about where to go for health care in the Central West region of Ontario
  • Helps caregivers understand health care resources available to them in the Central West region of Ontario

Submitting your video pitch

First of all, make sure you're eligible.  This means:
  • You are a student currently enrolled in a Canadian high school, college or university. You can be full-time or part-time, or even taking continuing education.
  • Your team consists of no more than four people.  All four of you must comply with the point above.
  • You must be able to talk the talk and walk the walk.  The top teams will be expected to build a prototype, so don't pitch an idea if you can't code and bring it to life.
Keep your video pitch under five minutes.  The video should be in .avi, .mp4, or .wmv format. Your video should include an overview of your app's concept, an overview of the design, and your names and email addresses (so that we can reach you, obviously). To avoid blowing up our inboxes, please upload your video and send a link for download.  There are a number of free options you can use, including Vimeo, Dropbox, Hightail, or WeTransfer.  Use whatever you're comfortable with, we just need to be able to download it. Send your pitch to by 5:00pm EST on January 29, 2016 (extended).

Judging rounds

Stage One: The Concept and Design We'll post the videos for health care professionals to vote on over the first two weeks of February. Stage Two:  The Prototype The teams behind the top five videos will be asked to create a functioning prototype of the app in two weeks. Teams will submit the prototypes to our judging panel.  The members of the panel will put their heads together and, based on our criteria, we'll come up with a winner. Winner, be ready to take your app to the end!  Based on past years, we have loved the app enough to work together to finish it off and get it up on app stores. Get more detailed info from our FAQ's.