Judging Criteria

Your app will be evaluated based on the following criteria along with compliance with the guidelines outlined in the Official Rules:
  • Impact on the Central West region, including Headwaters Health Care Centre, the Central West CCAC, and William Osler Health System: Will the app work for both hospital sites? Does one organization┬ábenefit more than the other?
  • Longevity of the app: Is the app easy to update? Will it fall out of date within a year?
  • Innovation of the app: Is the idea creative and original? Does it have unique elements and features?
  • Art, design and polish of the app: Is the app graphically appealing? Does it draw users in? Are transitions smooth?
  • User interface: Is the app easy to use and understand? Does it flow? Is it bloated with extraneous elements that don't add value?
  • Entertainment value: Is the app fun to use? Does it provide enough draw to keep users coming back?
  • App stability: Is the app stable? Does it run smoothly without crashing? Are there any errors?