Questions n’ Answers

What platform do I need to develop the app for? Android only! Sorry, iOS fans! screaming_android I have a bunch of  friends that I want to work with. How many people can be on my team? You can have up to four members on your team. Your team members can also be from different schools. Feel free to fly solo, too! ghostbusters Does everyone on my team need to be a programmer? Nope. While all members of your team need to be full-time or part-time students enrolled at a Canadian high school or post-secondary institution, you can be from any program area. You may need someone for art, programming, design or another role that you need.  Just keep in mind that if you're one of the top videos, you'll be expected to do some programming to get a prototype to the judges. What kind of recognition will I get if I win? If you or your team wins the Kiss My App contest, you will receive a sweet $10,000 cheque to share. You will also get excellent padding for your resume and some good karma for producing an app that really helps people. Plus, this is a great chance to network with other like-minded folks! mask When will I know if I win? Contestants will be notified by phone or email within a month of the contest finishing at the end of February 2016. So make sure you're not giving us the email address you made up in the early days that you never bother to check anymore! Ralph-mailbox Do I get to keep the rights to my app? Osler will become the sole owner of all rights to the winning app, but we ultimately want your team and your app to succeed, so we'll work in partnership with the winning individual or team to fine-tune the app before we launch it to the public. All individuals or teams that are runner up will be able to retain ownership of their apps. mario and link Do I need to be a student to compete? You and all of your team members must be enrolled as a full-time, part-time, or continuing education student at a Canadian high school or post-secondary institution to be eligible. gilly What about us international students? Hey, the more ideas the better. In fact, you might bring in a whole new perspective. We love it! As long as you're a registered full-time or part-time student at a Canadian high school or post-secondary institution right now, you're gold. earth-rainbow How do I submit my video? The videos should be in .avi, .mp4, or .wmv format. To avoid blowing up our inboxes, please upload your video and send a link for download.  There are a number of free options you can use, including Vimeo, Dropbox, Hightail, or WeTransfer.  Use whatever you’re comfortable with, we just need to be able to download it. Send your pitch to by 5:00pm EST on January 29, 2016 (extended). clock What is the theme of the app I'm pitching? We're calling all gamers to help us create an app that addresses one of the following:
  • Helps users understand how to access care at home in the central west region of Ontario
  • Helps educate users about how the Emergency Department works in the central west region of Ontario
  • Helps educate users about where to go for health care in the central west region of Ontario
  • Helps caregivers understand health care resources available to them in the central west region of Ontario
game hacker What if I have more questions? You can always email us with questions. new-girl-confused I'm sold! Where do I sign up? Sign up here to get updates about the contest until January 29. highfives